Trevor Nunn directs Kevin Spacey

Richard II

William Shakespeare

Richard II, believing he’s king by divine right, is confronted by rebellion. He becomes isolated, with a shrinking band of supporters, and detached from the country and its people. Shakespeare’s play questions the meaning of ‘monarchy’ is a divinely appointed sovereign can be pushed aside, and a man with no such claim replaces him in power.

Kevin Spacey makes his Shakespearean debut in the UK as the doomed king coming to terms with a life stripped of authority. This is also the first time that Trevor Nunn has directed this celebrated play, and follows his Olivier Award-winning re-investigation of Hamlet at The Old Vic last year.

Kevin Spacey’s regal performance… king of the London theatre scene

The Sun

Kevin Spacey’s Richard is commanding and charismatic… a canny choice of role – complex, ambiguous and ultimately touched with grace

Sunday Times

Ben Miles shines as the handsome but two-faced Bolingbroke

The Sun

The production ignites The Old Vic


Trevor Nunn’s illumintatin production… thrillingly up-to-date

Mail on Sunday

Cast Members

  • Sean Baker

  • Lewis Barfoot

  • Kieran Bew

  • Naomi Capron

  • David Collings

  • Oliver Cotton

  • David Dawson

  • Peter Eyre

  • Julian Glover

  • Jack James

  • Oliver Kieran-Jones

  • David Leon

  • Sidney Livingstone

  • Ciaran McIntyre

  • Ben Miles

  • Steven Miller

  • Iain Michell

  • Genevieve O'Reilly

  • William Osborne

  • Alistair Robins

  • Kevin Spacey

    Richard II

  • Mark Tandy

  • Susan Tracy

  • David Weston

  • Glyn Williams

Creative Team

  • Trevor Nunn


  • Hildegard Bechtler


  • Peter Mumford


  • Fergus O'Hare


  • Dick Straker & Sven Ortel