Interview Insights

My insight on interviews can be segmented into three areas:

  1. Research
  2. Individuality
  3. Prospects


You often only have a couple of minutes to make a great impression, so ensuring you’re doing the research to prepare for any interview is vital. You are often provided the name of your interviewer, so take some time upfront to find out more about them and identify common interests that you can draw on to build rapport in a short time. It could be anything from basing one of your responses on a common interest, highlighting organisations you admire which you know they are affiliated to, or even mentioning a common previous employer. 

In addition to learning about your interviewer, learn as much as possible about the company you are applying to. Understand, digest and remember the businesses values and link these back to the role you are applying for. Being able to provide concrete examples of things you admire about the company shows an active interest in the company and proves your interest in the position.


Be your true self, 100% of the time. We often try and fit the mold of a preconceived “successful person” however we forget the most successful among us are the ones who think outside the box and provide different perspectives. For me, I have found that taking examples of my work to interviews as “discussion documents” is very helpful so I can control and lead the conversation, ultimately selling the best of me.  


Avoid applying to as many roles as you possibly can just to land a job. This will result in you wasting your own and someone else’s time in interviewing for a role you never really wanted. Start with the end in mind and try to work out where you want to be in the next five years – easier said than done! However, it will help you to create a list of firms that interest you and rule out others that don’t. 

Jay Yadav

Client & Business Development, RBC Wealth Management

Take the Lead is a free employability programme from The Old Vic for students aged 15–18. This programme is created in collaboration with schools and businesses and draws on The Old Vic’s expertise as a theatrical institution to support young people to take ownership over their next steps after school and prepare them for the working world of the future.