Get Moving

Welcome to our Get Moving workshop. This workshop has been designed for our intergenerational programme Get Going that works with primary school students and community groups for the over 60s but anyone is welcome to join in.

This is the third workshop in the Get Going series. You can try the Get Writing workshop and the Get Singing workshop too.

Written and delivered by Movement Director Chi-San Howard and Creative Practitioners Freyja Winterson and Philippa Hogg, this workshop is broken down into sections so you can complete it in your own time at your own pace.

You’ll need a pen and paper and space where you can be a bit loud if you want to. If you get stuck or need any assistance you can contact us at

This workshop will give you exercises to warm up your body and imagination as you create your own piece of choreography.

1. Get Your Body Moving
2. Using Words to Inspire Movement
3. Creating a Movement Script