Old Vic Theatre Makers

In 2020, we transformed our annual Summer School into Old Vic Theatre Makers; a free six-month online programme for 18–25 year olds to develop creative connections and create a toolkit to discuss and make theatre in the midst of our changing society.

Directed by Joseph Hancock, our first Old Vic Theatre Makers company joined us in August 2020, to explore what it means to be a theatre maker today and how we can continue to make work whilst many theatres’ doors remain closed.

As the project comes to an end we are delighted to celebrate them with an online showcase exploring their creativity, what they have learnt and what comes next for them, through a series of videos and live Zoom performances.

This is who they are

Over six months, Old Vic Theatre Makers took part in bi-monthly workshops and masterclasses with the Old Vic Theatre Makers team and a range of industry professionals: Nessah Muthy, Rosie Elnile, Roy Alexander Weise & Francesca Moody.

We asked the company what they have learnt.

This is what they told us

Thank you to the inspirational leading artists and creatives who gave their time to answer questions from company members throughout the programme.

The Old Vic Theatre Makers spent six months devising, discussing and debating what it means to be a theatre maker, what are the skills we need to make work in the current climate, and what are the stories they want to tell.

As our programme comes to an end, here is what they have to say about what comes next.

What comes next?

Warning: This video contains strong language and sensitive themes including addiction and abuse

Our first ever OV Theatre Makers are:  Alexcia Hume, Anna Constantinides, Brandon Robinson – Connolly, Cameron Macgregor, Camilla Anvar, Chantelle Kingori, Eliz Avni, Fisola Kelly-Akinnuoye, Gabe Winsor, Imani Wenham, Katie Leigh, Keri Mosuro, Kevin Mesiti, Lucy Anne Wilson, Mathew Kollamkulam, Michael Tominey, Mohammed Barber, Nadia AnimOzioma IhesieneQuennie Alexa LimRodrigo Mella. 

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The Old Vic gratefully acknowledges support through the Culture Recovery Fund from Arts Council England. Old Vic Theatre Makers is supported by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous.