Join the Bagdad Cafe digital choir

After so many months apart, we are delighted to be reopening the theatre this summer with our production of Bagdad Cafe. The show is a joyful celebration of friendship, community, music and magic – and we want you to perform in it.

We’re creating a digital community choir, who will sing at the end of the show, and you can be part it. All you have to do is submit a video recording of yourself performing Bob Telson’s iconic track ‘Calling You’ from Bagdad Cafe for a chance to be part of the performance.

We welcome submissions from all ages and abilities, and look forward to creating this new digital choir with you.



  • Export your taped file in a compressed format, ideally MP4 and in HD quality
  • Please film in landscape
  • Sing the entire song if possible
  • Natural light is great but don’t sit in front of a window otherwise you will appear as a silhouette. Artificial lights are fine too but do a short test to see what you look like on camera and if it feels too harsh or too dark make adjustments. Clever placing of lamps can work wonders
  • Make sure there’s nothing in your background that would give away personal information, eg your address
  • No fancy technology is needed. You can use an iPhone, tablet or laptop
  • You need a quiet spot, hopefully away from external sounds and with reasonably good acoustics – beware of echoes. Soft furnishings will help deaden echoey sounds. Remember to test the sound before recording
  • Steady your device by using some kind of tripod or by leaning it against something solid (a stack of books is common) – you want to eliminate camera shake
  • Ideally learn the song well enough so that you can record yourself singing a capella. If that’s not possible you could either: listen to the backing track on headphones so you can sing along (if you do this, please make sure the headphones are discreet), or play the backing track out loud while recording (if you do this, please make sure the track’s volume is very low)
  • Try and get your head and shoulders in the middle of the frame. Stand back. We may need to edit your video from a landscape rectangle version into a square or portrait version, so make sure you leave enough space around yourself so that we don’t need to crop in too tight
  • It would be great if you could participate as an individual but if you would rather sing with two or three friends that’s ok too
  • Please try and learn the words off by heart, but if you can’t don’t worry. Just try to face the camera straight on

If you have any questions about the project please email:

Release form
  • Each entrant must supply a completed and signed release form at the point of submission otherwise your video cannot be considered as part of the choir.  If there is more than one person in the recording that you submit, each person featured will need to supply a release form (or an adult or guardian on the behalf of anyone under 18)
  • We cannot guarantee that all videos submitted will be used in the final production
  • All videos submitted need to be in-line with our video guidelines, please read the spec requirements
  • We will aim to acknowledge receipt of your video but may not be able to if we receive a high number of submissions
  • By submitting a video you accept that this will be used as part of the production and all future productions, as well as in marketing material
  • Where we receive an unprecedented high volume of applications, we reserve the right to close applications early
  • All videos need to be submitted in compressed format, ideally MP4, filmed in landscape and max file size 120mb
  • All videos must be sent to by Mon 14 Jun
Release Form
Instructional Video
Audio Tracks
Sheet Music