Start Ups Winners: Round 2


Were pleased to announce the latest recipients of OVNV Start Up funds. The last round of recipients may have been a tough act to follow for innovation and intrigue, but we think these guys give them a run for their (well, Start Ups) money.

All the Pigs Theatre Company are putting their Start Up towards a deposit on their venue (New Diorama Theatre) for their latest venture: Gizmo Love in conjunction with First-Time-Writers Initiative. Gizmo Love will run for three weeks and each week it will be twinned with a brand new short play from a First-Time-Writer. These short plays each get a weeks run, and perform just before the main production. Think of it as like a cartoon before a film.

A group of alumni from 24 Hour Plays: Old Vic new Voices 2012 have banded together to develop Cinderland, a play born out of the 24 Hour Plays themselves. Theyre using their Start Up to pay their actors and creative team for two days of intensive script development.

No Ball Games Allowed are gearing their summer project 6 Sense 13. This is a four week intensive Forum Theatre based project that will see 10 young people from south east London share their battles with mental health with the aim of using their experiences to create a piece of Forum Theatre. Their Start Up is going towards marketing material, branded t-shirt and workshop resources.

Jack Holden, Creative Director of Free Yoghurt Creations is adapting Hemingways The Old Man and the Sea for six to ten year-olds. But that doesnt mean its going to be a fairy tale Hungry Sharks, Swordfish, Enemy Fishermen and Poisonous Jellyfish make The Old Man and the Sea a thrilling hour of theatre. Theyre using their Start Up to buy props, cover printing costs and to hire a videographer.

Late in the Day, a new play by Sharon Kanolik is being staged as the first production for The Reckless Moment Theatre Company at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington. The play is about three Londoners from very different walks of life, who all get trapped in a shop together during the 2011 London riots. Their Start Ups will cover wages for a Designer, Lighting Designer and Sound Designer for the show.

THEATRE 4 is a new way to combine live theatrical performance with raising money for social, global and environmental causes. In an evening of script-in-hand performances four actors will perform eight short plays. Each evening the THEATRE will be 4 a cause, so all of the money raised from ticket sales will be donated to the relevant charities and organisations.

Double fringe first winners Theatre Absolute (RAW, 2001 & CAR, 1999) return to Edinburgh with The Wedge, an arresting solo show written and performed by Naomi Said, who makes her Fringe debut. Directed by Chris OConnell, The Wedge is a haunting new piece of storytelling about finding out, hiding away and seeking a place to go. They are using their Start Up for marketing, design and print costs for their Edinburgh run.