The Old Vic mural by Chris Martin - celebrating 197 years

We spoke to illustrator Chris Martin about his large mural commissioned by The Old Vic as part of the recent Front of House refurbishment. The mural can be seen in the Dress Circle of the theatre, beside Mark’s Bar.

What excited you about creating this mural?
It was definitely the prospect of having my work in such a respected institution and an honour to have the opportunity to create a piece of work that would sit physically in The Old Vic.

Did you do much research?
Yes – I spoke extensively with many people at The Old Vic and with Terry Coleman, who has recently written a book celebrating its history. This was invaluable in helping me to learn about the incredible history of the building and the people involved.

Photo by Luka Marchant

How did the mural develop from initial conception to finished product?
There were a few initial concepts but the final piece really isn’t very different from the concept picked by everyone early on. The only things that change were a few details – buildings and what people feature in the illustration.

How was the mural transferred onto the wall?
I drew and designed the illustration by hand and then, digitally in Photoshop, projected the image onto the wall and drew it out in pencil. I then completed the mural solely in posca paint markers.

How long did it take you?
8 full days.

Do you have a favourite bit of the mural?
My favourite part is the overall finish and look of the mural, I’ve not used the texturing techniques I used before and I think turns out well!

Find out more about Chris Martin on his website or take a look at his reel over at RSA Design and Animation here.