Day Seats for The Master Builder


We’ll be offering a number of seats for The Master Builder available to purchase on the day of the performance.

Tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis but as our cafe, Penny, will be open before the box office we will be operating a voucher system – there are some FAQs below but if you have any further questions once you’ve read them our Front of House staff will be able to help when you arrive.

Day Seats FAQ

How does the Day Seat queue work?
Please take a numbered voucher which determines your place in the queue. If you are here before the box office opens please take a voucher from the bar in Penny. You are welcome to wait downstairs in Penny and your voucher will entitle you to 10% discount. The box office opens at 10am. You will be called to the desk in number order. Please follow the instructions from Penny and box office staff. Please be aware that the seats available are limited, and you may not be successful in getting a seat. Some of the day seats are restricted view.
You can purchase your tickets in the morning. The tickets cannot be collected until half an hour before the show. Please remember to come to the box office with ID.

Im not here for day tickets, standing, or returns, when can I speak to the box office?
The box office will deal with the day seat queue when it opens at 10am, and then will be able to assist you afterwards.

How many tickets can I buy? Will I be able to get as many tickets as I like? What if Im buying them for a friend as well as me?
You can only buy two tickets per voucher. If you are not at the box office in person you cannot buy day seats.

What time do day seats and returns go on sale?
Tickets are available from 10am when the box office opens. If you arrive earlier you will be asked to join the day seat queue by taking a numbered voucher.

What tickets are available? How many will you have every day?
The exact number of seats will vary day by day, but we will have a limited number of top price tickets that we are able to offer at the reduced rate of 30, and additional tickets in the Lilian Baylis Circle, available a face value. Day seats may be restricted view, and are subject to availability.

There are twelve standing spaces available every day. These are designated positions on the far left and right of the upper circle and offer extremely limited visibility.

We will also offer any tickets that have been returned to us by patrons who can no longer use them. These tickets could be anywhere in the auditorium. You will be offered the full range of tickets that are available when you come to box office.

How much are the tickets? Are they discounted?
There will be a limited number of top price tickets that we are able to offer at 30, otherwise tickets are sold at face value.

What if there is nothing I would like to buy?
You are welcome to continue to wait for returned tickets throughout the day. Please let the box office know that you intend to wait. You will be asked to keep your voucher so that we know what your place is in the queue. Returns will be offered as they are delivered to the box office. If necessary we will ask you to queue outside the theatre to avoid the bars becoming too crowded before the start of the performance.

When will returns come back? How many, from whom?
Returns means tickets returned to the box office by patrons who have purchased tickets but find that they are unable to use them. In the event that a performance is sold out we offer patrons the opportunity to sell their tickets via the box office to other customers. We have no control over how many seats are returned or where they are in the auditorium. Returns can come in at any time. We always offer returns to the queue as soon as they come into the box office.

What is restricted view?
Tickets are classified as restricted view if, when you sit in your seat, you are not able to see the entire stage. This may be due to the angle of view or some obstruction between the seat and stage e.g. a pillar. Please ask at the box office if you need more details.

Are there any tickets left for advance performances of The Master Builder?
Youll need to check with box office when they open at 10am. Please remember that the day seat queue will be dealt with first.

Why cant I use a touted ticket?
We actively discourage tickets being sold through the secondary market. We void all tickets that we know have been sold on for profit, as it contravenes our terms and conditions of sale.