Birthday Tour


To celebrate The Old Vics 198th birthday we will be holding a very special Birthday Tour of the theatre led by our Stage Door Manager Ned Seago on Saturday 14 May. The tour will take you on a journey through The Old Vics fascinating history followed by a slice of birthday cake and a glass of champagne.

Who are some of The Old Vics most famous patrons? What happened to the fourth level of the theatre? Are there any ghosts lurking backstage?

Explore behind-the-scenes of The Old Vic and discover nearly 200 years of theatrical history. The National Theatre, Sadlers Wells and English National Opera all began life at The Old Vic. Acting legends from Laurence Olivier to Judi Dench and Kevin Spacey have all performed on our stage. For a chance to follow in their footsteps, learn about The Old Vics past and see our theatre in a new light, join Ned on one of his famous tours he brings first-hand experience, insight and many a tale to the 75-minute journey.

Tickets are available now