Children's theatre at The Old Vic: Tales from the Shed


The Old Vic is delighted to present Chickensheds hugely popular Tales from the Shed, bringing storytelling for all ages to our theatre on Thursday 26 May with performances at 10am and 11.30am.

Tales from the Shed is a vibrant, interactive show full of puppets, songs and stories, giving 0-6 year olds an unforgettable introduction to the joys of theatre.

Chickenshed bring both original and traditional stories to life, in a land of colour, characters and fun. The lively and engaging performance transports children to a universe where there is no edge to the stage, and the children and performers travel a theatrical journey together. Children are always encouraged to make a lot of noise and to make the story happen.

If you have young children, get yourself to this show straight away. If you dont, borrow one or just go anyway for a wonderful reminder of the power of theatre and the sheer pleasure it can bring.
Broadway Baby

Chickenshed is an inclusive theatre company that has been working with children, young people and adults for the past 41 years. By bringing together people of all ages and from all backgrounds, they create outstanding theatre that entertains, inspires, challenges and informs both audiences and participants alike. Their vision is a society that celebrates diversity and enables every individual to flourish.

Tickets are 6 and children under 6 months go free.

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