Free Workshops with The Old Vic 12


We are pleased to announce the first of a series of free workshops, hosted by The Old Vic 12. These events will give entry level artists a chance to explore different disciplines within the theatre industry. No experience necessary. All workshops are free. Participants must be 16+

An introduction to Pitching To Performance

With Aaron Rogers
Tue 24 Jan, 10-11.30am
The Hospital Club
For: Artists who are looking to produce their own work

Want to get your work the production it deserves? From pitching, casting, design and marketing, producer Aaron Rogers provides an interactive guide to self-producing.

Book for An Introduction To Pitching To Performance

An introduction to Writing From Experience

With Rebecca Crookshank
Tue 24 Jan, 12.30-2.30pm
The Hospital Club
For: Playwrights or theatre makers

If you have something to say, start by telling your story. Join playwright Rebecca Crookshank to explore the relationship between truth and fiction, find the unexpected in personal histories and learn techniques to harness their power.

Book for An Introduction To Writing From Experience

An introduction to Finding Your Brand

With Fin Redshaw
Tue 24 Jan, 3.30-5pm
The Hospital Club
For: Early career designers

The label ‘designer’ covers a multitude of disciplines, so how do you communicate what you do? Stand out from the crowd and join performance designer Fin Redshaw to interrogate the importance of branding yourself and finding your place.

Book for An Introduction To Finding Your Brand



Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, Tina Alexandrou, Cate Blanchett & Andrew Upton, Robert Bourne, Nick & Caroline Clarry, Hani Farsi, Nathalie & Nicolas Giauque, David & Rose Heyman, Fawn James, Laura & Nigel Mead, Sir Alan & Lady Parker, Steven & Ann Pleschette Murphy and Ian Powell.

This project was made possible with seed funding from the Peter De Haan Charitable Trust.