Going green for Global Champagne Day


Vitalie Taittinger toasts the return of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax and Champagne Taittinger’s Old Vic partnership

Whenever I hear the popping of a Champagne cork, I always think of the theatre – whether it’s celebrating a successful opening night, toasting a glowing review or sending a show out on tour, few sounds evoke the magic of the stage like a bottle of bubbly opening.

And I’ll certainly choose a special bottle today for Global Champagne Day so I can toast the return of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax to The Old Vic.

Dr. Seuss’s story has always struck a chord with me because of the battle to save the truffula trees in Paradise Valley.

Just as the song tells us that the trees need ‘clean water and fresh air’, so do the vineyards where we grow grapes for our Champagne.

We use as few pesticides and herbicides as possible and we’ve planted hedgerows to encourage natural predators to tackle pests. We even use horses in some vineyards for ploughing.

In the winery, we’re doing our bit for the environment too; we recycle all our card, glass, metal, plastic and wood, plus we’re reducing the energy and water we use and the waste we produce.

Our new bottle weighs less and so needs less fuel to transport it – plus, it’s made from 80% recycled glass.

With The Old Vic preparing to celebrate its bicentenary, I’m sure we’ll be popping more corks to celebrate our long partnership, which brings together two brands that are all about high-quality products – both of which put a smile on people’s faces.

Vitalie Taittinger

Vitalie Taittinger credit Oliver Doran april 2011

Credit Oliver Doran

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