One Year of One Voice


One Voice is a series of monologues specially commissioned by The Old Vic and funded by the TS Eliot Estate, with one-off performances from renowned actors. It celebrates the rawest of theatre forms – a single voice on a stage without scenery, without costume and with nothing to rely on but words.

To celebrate the first anniversary of these unique performances, we’re pleased to share Mark Watson’s Statuesque, directed by Annabel Bolton and performed by Katherine Parkinson.

Please note, this recording contains some strong language and adult content.

One Voice at The Old Vic

26 November 2016

R I G H T written and directed by John Godber
Performed by Martha Godber.

 Dear Arabella by Marie Jones
Directed by Annabel Bolton and performed by Gemma Jones.

 Thankless by Shami Chakrabarti
Directed by Annabel Bolton and performed by Maxine Peake, with an appearance from Jake Poolman.

7 July 2017

Statuesque by Mark Watson
Directed by Annabel Bolton and performed by Katherine Parkinson

Anyway by Amelia Bullmore
Directed by Max Webster and performed by Niamh Cusack

Robert Toscano from Happy are the Happy by Yasmina Reza
Directed by Chelsea Walker and performed by Neil Pearson

28 Jul 2017

The Man on the Platform by Mark Gatiss
Performed by Jack Derges

 The Perfect Gentleman by Jackie Clune
Performed by Gemma Whelan

 I Miss the War by Matthew Baldwin
Performed by Ian Gelder

 Something Borrowed by Gareth McLean
Performed by Mark Bonnar

 Mon 31 Jul

 Missing Alice by Jon Bradfield
Performed by Sara Crowe

 Safest Spot in Town by Keith Jarrett
Performed by Kadiff Kirwan

 A Grand Day Out by Michael Dennis
Performed by Fionn Whitehead

 More Anger by Brian Fillis
Performed by Russell Tovey

One Voice returns on Friday 12 Jan with performances from Julie Walters, Zawe Ashton, Tez Ilyas and Sargon Yelda. 

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