What we can learn from The Lorax


‘We can all speak for trees; we can all make a fuss.

We can all be the Lorax

The Lorax is us.’

As The Lorax’s Old Vic run comes to an end and the Company prepare to fly by the seat of their pants to Toronto to encourage more people to speak for the trees, we’re looking back at all the things our orange beavery friend has taught us to inspire us to keep being green long after the Lorax has left us.

‘It’s very hard to make theatre about the environment. So often shows that try to speak about climate change and our relationship to the natural world feel heavy and earnest, like the sort of dull geography lesson you used to fall asleep in. The Lorax, however, based on Dr Seuss’ zany, colourful and exuberant world is the opposite – it’s as full of joy, energy humour and life as possible – or at least as possible when talking about one of the most urgent and pressing issues of our time. And a piece of family theatre seems the best way to think about this, because ultimately what will happen to the future of the world and our environment is about what world our young people will inherit. So Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax is not a lecture or a lesson, but rather a joyful rallying cry to care for and conserve this fragile world we all share.’

Max Webster

What we can learn from The Lorax

‘Before The Lorax I grudgingly recycled because there wasn’t much space in the normal bin, I guiltily bought 5p plastic bags because I could never remember my tote bag and only turned the lights off to save a few pennies. The environmental issues that face us were more of an inconvenience to my daily routine – I knew something had to be done but I wasn’t best pleased about it. The Lorax has given me a completely new outlook on the need to protect the world we live in. It’s not something we should feel obliged to do; it’s something we should be proud to do. I don’t think I ever took the time to think about why those little changes are so important. The Lorax has changed me from a grumpy would-be Once-ler to tote-bag wielding eco warrior.’


‘I have recently swapped my face wash to one which doesn’t have micro beads. I have been trying not to use straws when I’m at a bar or pub, and I am also trying to get into the habit of bringing a travel cup or a mug from the green room down to Penny for when I want to buy a coffee.’


The Lorax has taught me many things about how to live in a more sustainable way – and now I avoid buying food with palm oil in it. And have a room full of plants!’


‘We took inspiration from The Lorax and The Old Vic and swapped to GreenEnergyUK as our electricity provider – all their energy comes from renewable sources. We’re also planning to plant some green beans, rhubarb and spinach on our balcony next weekend.’


‘I’ve asked for a KeepCup for my birthday! So that I can take it to coffee shops when I want to get something so I stop using takeaway cups. That’s one of the things I’ll keep doing going forwards!’


‘As part of The Lorax workshops we asked the primary schools students and community groups what changes they would like to make. These are some of them:

  • Stop drinking water out of plastic bottles
  • Switching my TV and computer off if I’m not using them
  • Donating money to plant more trees
  • Riding bikes instead of driving or getting the train
  • Picking litter up if I see it on the street
  • Opening the curtains and letting the sun in rather than turning on the lights
  • Not wasting food
  • Recycling paper


‘I’m already a vegetarian but now I’m trying to cut down on the amount of dairy I eat too. I’m also thinking more about food miles and where my food’s coming from, and trying to eat food that’s in season. Today I’m going to go vegan for the day, and eventually I’m going to try to wean myself off cheese and chocolate and go vegan full-time!’


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