A day in the life of… A Deputy Production Manager


The Production team are responsible for all aspects of getting a production onto the stage. We spoke to Deputy Production Manager Anthony Norris-Watson to get an insight into life backstage.

1. What does your job involve?

My job is to work alongside the Production Manager to oversee all the productions and technical aspects of what we do at The Old Vic.

2. What do you do on an average day?

What’s an average day? As the building changes so constantly I really can’t tell you what an average day will be. One day it might be sitting at a desk planning and getting things ready for the next production, or it might involve me being in the back of a trailer somewhere loading or unloading it.

3. Have you always worked in a theatre?

I have. It’s all I’ve ever known and wanted to be involved in.

4. Which part of your job do you most enjoy?

The constant changing nature of it; no sooner have you got one show up and running than you’re straight onto the next one.

5. What is your best memory of working at The Old Vic so far?

The first preview/ open dress of Groundhog Day. You’re never sure how an audience is going to respond; it was so good to see them enjoy a show that everyone worked so hard on to get to this stage.

6. If you were to offer a young person wanting to get into the industry some advice, what would you tell them?

Work hard and be nice.

7. What is the biggest misconception about working in a theatre?

That its glamorous. It’s hard work and you get dirty much more than you think.

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