Introducing The Old Vic’s Young Digital Creator


A world-famous theatre always seems like such an impenetrable space unless you’ve nabbed yourself a ticket. But I’ve never felt more welcomed into a venue than I have at The Old Vic. They offered me the opportunity to create a video for their dystopian epic, The Divide (written by Alan Ayckbourn), after applying for their Young Digital Creator scheme.

My first thought.


I was really daunted about getting my first thoughts onto paper. The thing is, I’ve always been inspired by online ‘stuff’ related to theatre, usually videos, photography and occasionally blogs – great content generated by people who love theatre and want to share that feeling with friends or fellow theatre obsessives – and there are some really impressive (and often hilarious) insights from the online theatre community: Carrie Hope Fletcher, Lin Manuel Miranda with #ham4ham, Starkid or one of my old favourites, Low Budget Milky Whites.

I think it was when I first met the cast of The Divide that I realised how the video was going to go. Everyone was so generous with their time and their stories that by the end, I just had so much content I wanted to make two different videos.

Because the internet can often be seen as a well of criticism, I’ve always relied on the safety of hiding behind the camera. But the freedom and support The Old Vic offered has helped to develop a confidence to explore and expand my work online.

It’s so cool to see a venue as big as The Old Vic take their digital community more seriously and help it grow. I’m beyond excited to see where it’s going to go!

Heather Pasfield

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