The Old Vic 12 Workshops


We are pleased to announce the second set of free workshops, hosted by The Old Vic 12. These events will give entry level artists a chance to explore different disciplines within the theatre industry. All workshops are free to attend. Participants must be 16+. Please book by clicking the links below.

How Not to Write a Boring Play – Finding Theatricality in Your Writing

With Sarah Kosar
Tuesday 15 May, 10am-12pm
The Old Vic Theatre, Rehearsal Room
For: Writers

Why should we all come together in a theatre to hear a story? Led by Sarah Kosar, this workshop will empower writers, through practical exercises and discussions, to exploit theatricality and metaphor fully whilst developing their unique voice and perspective.



Pillars of Producing – What Does a Producer Need To Be Good At?

With Matthew Schmolle
Tuesday 15 May, 12.30pm-2.30pm
The Old Vic Theatre, Rehearsal Room
For: Producers

Do producers need to be a jack of all trades, the master of none or really good at some? From interpersonal skills to strategic skills, practical skills to creative skills, Matt will go through a succession of games, tasks and exercises to highlight those practices that, through his work to date, have come to be the pillars of his approach to producing.



The Power of Play – A Practical Approach to Developing New Work

With Sophie Moniram
Tuesday 15 May, 3pm-5pm
The Old Vic Theatre, Rehearsal Room
For: Directors

Learn how to enhance the clarity of a script away from the table and through play. Alongside director Sophie Moniram, you will explore practical ways to utilise the instincts of actors when developing new work.



Directing from Page to Stage

With Hannah Bannister
Wednesday 16 May, 10am-12pm
The Old Vic Theatre, Rehearsal Room
For: Directors

Working with an exciting piece of contemporary new writing, this workshop will tackle a potted ‘Page to stage’ process for a director. How do you lead a process when you are the least experienced person in the room?



Devising with Puppets

With Maia Kirkman-Richards
Wednesday 16 May, 12.30pm-2.30pm
The Old Vic Theatre, Rehearsal Room
For: Emerging companies and/or performers who are interested in using puppetry within their own devised work

Keen to include puppetry in a show but not sure where to start? Join Maia Kirkman-Richards to explore different ways to make your devising process a little less daunting. Previous puppetry experience is not necessary.



Write What You Know? – The Double-Edged Sword

With Omar El-Khairy
Wednesday 16 May, 3.00pm-5.00pm
The Old Vic Theatre, Rehearsal Room
For: Writers

Most writers’ groups and outreach programmes tend to teach new writers – particularly of colour, as well as from other institutionally marginalised communities – to write what they know. But does this search for authentic voices liberate us – or simply end up pigeonholing writers? In this workshop, we will explore how best to remain true to the imaginative instincts at the heart of dramatic writing, whilst still recognising issues of representation that are particularly alive in these politically fraught times.



The Village – A Design Lead Workshop

With Moi Tran
Wednesday 16 May, 10am-5pm
Waterloo Action Centre

For: Participants who are interested in other ways of making theatre and visually devised work, including but not exclusive to: designers/live art practitioners/performance artists/movement artist and dancers. This workshop relies on player improvisation and visual imagination.

The Village explores selected ideas used in Live Action Role Play (LARP), a role-playing game in which a group of participants assume characters within a fictional setting and narrative of their creation. With a design lead focus, participants will co-create a fiction, set of characters and place without a pre-determined plot or outcome.

· Explore the role of unconventional Design in Theatre and Live Performance.
· Expand on the role of the Designer in Theatre and Live performance
· Explore Design techniques to create Narrative and ideas of how to use Visual Design to create space, place and character



The Old Vic 12 is generously supported for 2017/18 by
Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, Robert Bourne, Nick Clarry, Hani Farsi, Nathalie & Nicolas Giauque, Laura & Nigel Mead and The Old Vic Impact Fund.