The Old Vic 12 Workshop with Moi Tran


The Village – A Design Lead Workshop

With Moi Tran
Wednesday 16 May, 10am-5pm
Waterloo Action Centre

For: Participants who are interested in other ways of making theatre and visually devised work, including but not exclusive to: designers/live art practitioners/performance artists/movement artist and dancers. This workshop relies on player improvisation and visual imagination.

The Village explores selected ideas used in Live Action Role Play (LARP), a role-playing game in which a group of participants assume characters within a fictional setting and narrative of their creation. With a design lead focus, participants will co-create a fiction, set of characters and place without a pre-determined plot or outcome.

· Explore the role of unconventional Design in Theatre and Live Performance.
· Expand on the role of the Designer in Theatre and Live performance
· Explore Design techniques to create Narrative and ideas of how to use Visual Design to create space, place and character



The Old Vic 12 is generously supported for 2017/18 by
Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, Robert Bourne, Nick Clarry, Hani Farsi, Nathalie & Nicolas Giauque, Laura & Nigel Mead and The Old Vic Impact Fund.

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