My NHS – Jack Thorne


When I was 21 I became allergic to heat in all its forms.

I became allergic to artificial heat, natural heat and my own body heat, and this left me very, very poorly indeed. In fact I couldn’t really move comfortably at all and ended up bed-bound.

It was a weird old disease; basically a version of Cholinergic Urticaria, which is prickly heat, and it required a lot of careful investigation.

The NHS were tireless in looking for all possible options to get me better, from standing in strange boxes with heat blaring at me to lots and lots of different pill combinations, and lots of other things besides.

They made a very poorly boy feel a lot better about himself, and it took a long time for me to get better but without them I wouldn’t have got better at all, so I am hugely grateful.

Jack Thorne is one of eight writers celebrating 70 years of the NHS in The Greatest Wealth, playing from Monday. Book now.

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