To everyone involved in A Monster Calls


The 7.30 performance of A Monster Calls is one of the most profound and moving pieces of art I’ve had the fortune of witnessing. I love how it addressed such complicated topics as death, bereavement, mental health (a field related to what I work in) and other complexities of being human in such an insightful, creative and respectful way.

I greatly appreciate and admire how true you stayed to the novel it is based on (which I received as a present from a friend at a time I really needed it). I am in awe of how multi-talented all the actors are, and how they stayed so involved throughout the entirety of the show. The soundtrack (how can I get this?!) and brilliant musicians added another dimension to the overall experience and enjoyment. The use of stage props and lighting-effects (projection of the art from novel) was also extremely impressive, and made my day(s).

I often get a sort of elated sense of joy and well-being when experiencing other forms of art. The kind I can imagine believers experience when they leave their temple of faith, or have their prayers answered. This is the first time theatre has given me that sense of euphoria. Although it was a slightly traumatising and brutal experience, it is one that has enriched my life and influenced my own perception and future story.

I also want to thank the helpful (and efficient) staff and manager working that night. They added to making it a truly unforgettable memory I will treasure always. I had my ticket upgraded to stalls for the second act, which meant I could see the whole stage and sit nearer my friends. I am extremely grateful for this!

When we walked out, many of the audience members still in tears, I looked around at the crowd. Every single person was beaming with an array of intense emotions. Outside complete strangers connected through hugs, and by offering each other tissues and cigarettes whilst sharing how their personal stories affected their reaction and experience. Others exchanged knowing looks, their body language signalling compassion and understanding. It was beautiful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Raggy Dalaker

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