What the critics had to say about A Monster Calls


The reviews are in for Sally Cookson’s production A Monster Calls.

The Times

Five Stars

‘Bring the kids, the parents, your friends and neighbours. This strange, soaring yet miraculously unsentimental adaptation of Patrick Ness’s book needs seeing. It is heartbreaking, spectacular, harsh, happy’

Daily Telegraph

Four Stars

‘Inventive and mightily stirring’

Evening Standard

Four Stars

‘Packs an enormous emotional punch’

Financial Times

Four Stars

‘This beautiful , heartbreaking show’

The Guardian

Four Stars

‘Reality meets fairytale fantasy… exhilarating’

The Independent

Four Stars

‘Extraordinarily moving’

The Stage

Four Stars

‘A wondrous thing’

Time Out

Four Stars

‘Searing emotional clarity’


Four Stars

‘Truthful, hopeful and human’

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