This year's Tiny Tims

We asked our four Tiny Tims what they like most about playing the part in this year’s production of A Christmas Carol.

I love singing. People seem to like my music too. I am happy when I sing and I feel big and strong then. People like and respect what I can do. I am excited about A Christmas Carol because it is fun and I can make people happy with this show by able and disabled people and without discrimination. Lara


Hi I’m Lenny and I played Tiny Tim last year. I thought that it was an amazing experience to work at The Old Vic, one of Britain’s most famous theatres. Luckily, I got asked back again this year to work with one of the UK’s nicest actors whose name is Stephen Tomkinson playing the part of Scrooge. I really wanted to play Tiny Tim again as I loved it so much last year, also because he is only a young, poor and shy child but he teaches an adult how to change his ways. I love how the audience react to me and I get a buzz when I do my bow at the end of the show. I would like to say a big thank you to Matthew Warchus and the whole of The Old Vic for casting me as Tiny Tim and changing my life.


I wanted to experience what it felt like to perform in front of such a large audience and that I thought it would make Christmas extra special and magical. It’ll be something I’ll always remember. I also like coming to London! Leo


Though it’s nice opening presents, Christmas is not really about that. Playing the part of Tiny Tim is fun and it can get people thinking about sharing at Christmas. A Christmas Carol shows how the Cratchit family are so grateful, even when they are poor. There are lots of people in the world who do not have much and it’s good to be grateful for what you’ve got. What I like about Christmas is spending time with my family. I like opening presents, as it’s with our family and the suspense. I like going to church on Christmas morning, seeing my friends and singing carols. The only problem is, no one will turn up at your door with tons of food! … but they might offer for you to come to their house and have a meal! And as Tiny Tim observed, ‘God bless us every one’ Luka


A Christmas Carol is on now until 19 Jan 2019. Find out more here.