Meet The Old Vic 12 - Daisy Hale


The Old Vic 12 aims to nurture and develop the next generation of theatre practitioners through offering access and insights into theatre-making, mentoring from industry experts, delivering masterclasses to other emerging artists, and collaborating with each other to create brand new work.

Launched in 2015, we are delighted to be hosting the fourth year of the scheme with 12 exciting new participants – get to know Producer Daisy Hale with 12 quick fire questions.

1. What’s your name?

Daisy Elizabeth Roberta Hale, or most people call me Dais.

2. What do you do?

I’m a producer of theatre, drag, cabaret and cross-form work. Most of the work I produce is either non-traditional or devised and surrounds social issues or working with communities. I’m also a writer and occasional queerlesque and drag performer!

3. Who inspires you?

I’m consistently challenged by the artists I work with and the communities they are part of or connected to and being challenged inspires me.

The queer cabaret scene is full of brilliant individuals, some of whom I’ve been lucky enough to work with and others I love to learn from; Rubyyy Jones, Travis Alabanza, the people in my own company, Pecs, the artists and producers doing amazing work for trans* artists and community at VFD in dalston and many many more. Organisations that inspire me with their work, programming structure, support for artists and output are Camden People’s Theatre, Yard Theatre, Royal Exchange Manchester, Bush Theatre, Marlborough Brighton, Royal Court, The New Wolsey, The Arnolfini in Bristol, MayFest in Bristol, China Plate – the list goes on!

4. What can’t you live without?

My phone! People like to give phones shit but my phone keeps me connected to people, communities, work, opportunities – half the people I know and love I wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for my phone and the internet. It’s about also still being able to carry on those connections so they are authentic and genuine rather than for show.

5. The most surprising thing you’ve learnt about The Old Vic?

How much more they do than shows! I didn’t have a clue about the community and education work or the wraparound events and work that happen. Thousands of young people benefit from this. I’m also a super big fan of the Matinee Idols scheme for older people – I love that.

6. Your favourite piece of trivia?

The reason we have ‘ye olde…’ isn’t because ‘ye’ used to be a word, it’s because we used to have another letter in the english language called thorn which meant the sound ‘th’ but when printing presses started on mass it was in Germany where they didn’t have thorn as a letter and so they used the letter that looked closest which was ‘y’ so ‘the olde’ became ‘ye olde’!

7. Last show you saw?

Fellow OV12 Emma’s Funeral Flowers at The Bunker!

8. One trick of the trade you’ve discovered?

Communicate honestly and effectively and be as transparent as possible; you’ll build trust with artists quickly and become approachable. If you don’t know something, or think something isn’t going well, name it, own it and work through it.

9. Night owl or early bird?

Both! I am known for working late into the night but still waking up at a regular morning time. Sleep isn’t my strong suit.

10. Your life story in one short sentence?

Stumbled here from Birmingham and now having a lovely time.

11. In one year you will have…

Been freelance for a year! I moved out of working in a venue in January this year having been ‘in-house’ for most of my career.

12. Old Vic 12 in one word


The Old Vic 12 is generously supported for 2018/2019 by:
Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation; Claire Bullus; Nathalie & Nicolas Giauque; Laura & Nigel Mead; The Luscinus Trust; PRS Foundation; The Noël Coward Foundation; Roger De Haan Charitable Trust and The Old Vic Impact Fund.

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