24 hours with Sarah Seggari


We caught up with actor Sarah Seggari to find out what happens on a typical day during rehearsals for A Very Expensive Poison

I usually warm up at home before I leave for rehearsals but I’ll still get there slightly early so that I can get myself settled in, have a cup of coffee if I’ve missed it that morning and run lines with the other actors.

We start the day at 10am (lush I know). The morning is usually the time for very physical aspects of the play (spoilers ahead) e.g. Dancing, fighting or singing (dun dun dun). After a sweaty couple of hours we have a break and then guess what… we get straight back into it. I get paid to have fun. It’s just really, really cool. Lunch comes around and generally the cast like to sit outside in the sunshine as we’re inside all day. It’s good to stop for a bit. We gossip about Love Island and Brexit generally.

In the afternoon we carry on working through the play scene by scene – reading the lines out once then going back over with the blocking and our motivations for the scene, and running it until it feels like there’s another layer of something we’ve added to it. We also hash out any sticky/tricky bits. There’s lots of magic that happens in a rehearsal room but only with an open mind and a determination to persevere until it comes. It’s the week before tech now and we are finishing the play so that we can run it. It’s an anxious, confusing but often giddy time as the puzzle pieces work hard to fit together.

We don’t know what our baby of a play looks like yet. I better stop writing and get back to rehearsals, I expect they’ll be looking for me…

Sarah Seggari, Actor

A Very Expensive Poison plays at The Old Vic from 20 August.

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