Meet The Old Vic 12 - Anna Orton


The Old Vic 12 aims to nurture and develop the next generation of theatre practitioners through offering access and insights into theatre-making, mentoring from industry experts, delivering masterclasses to other emerging artists, and collaborating with each other to create brand new work.

Launched in 2015, we are delighted to be hosting the fourth year of the scheme with 12 exciting new participants – get to know Designer Anna Orton with 12 quick fire questions.

1. What’s your name?

Anna Orton.

2. What do you do?

Freelance set and costume designer. I still dabble in the arts (fine art), and do a lot of collab work with the Orton Sisters.

3. Who inspires you?

Anyone that can maintain self motivated, passionate, positive creativeness even when life starts getting in the way. My family are all stupidly creative! Visually, visiting art galleries and libraries can really inspire me and loosen me up. I love a wee bit of Cocteau, Tarkovsky, Jacques Tatie.

4. What can’t you live without?

My studio. It’s such a luxury, but shouldn’t be. Superglue.

5. The most surprising thing you’ve learnt about The Old Vic?

They used to have a dance school where their lighting rig is now (I hope I’ve not just made that up – great image either way!).

6. Your favourite piece of trivia?

The sky is often blue. Bees make honey but wasps don’t make jam. I don’t remember trivia.

7. Last show you saw?

The one I’m in tech for as I secretly write this – Extraordinary Wall (of silence) with Theatre Ad Infinitum. It’s a devising process with public sharings, but it will be opening in October at the Bristol Old Vic.

8. One trick of the trade you’ve discovered?

There is a ruler for everything! Use your collaborators around you. It’s all about collaborating. With those multiple disciplinary heads in the room the creativity is endless – it’s very exciting!

9. Night owl or early bird?


10. Your life story in one short sentence?

Lots of trial and error to get me where I am (wouldn’t do it any other way).

11. In one year you will have…

Collaborated with the most exciting, loving, inclusive, talented 11 people I could have hoped for. On the wish list: mastered tech week bad eating habits…

12. Old Vic 12 in one word?


The Old Vic 12 is generously supported for 2018/2019 by:
Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation; Claire Bullus; Nathalie & Nicolas Giauque; Laura & Nigel Mead; The Luscinus Trust; PRS Foundation; The Noël Coward Foundation; Roger De Haan Charitable Trust and The Old Vic Impact Fund.