‘It helps to create that connection between generations’

Groups in rehearsal

This year, we’ve joined together 12 primary school groups with 12 groups of local over 60s community members to form intergenerational choirs – for 12 performances in the lead up to Christmas. Anyone is welcome to join us for free in our foyer for carols and festive songs, with complimentary mince pies, hot drinks, and a song sheet in case you feel like joining in. You can reserve your place now.

12 Choirs of Christmas was designed to bring together local people across generations, reducing isolation in older communities and giving a creative outlet to people of all ages. It is one of 13 projects that we run at The Old Vic throughout the year, supporting students, young people, adults and emerging artists of all ages. Today is Giving Tuesday and we need your help to keep projects like 12 Choirs of Christmas going.

We spoke to some of this year’s participants about what taking part in 12 Choirs of Christmas means to them.

‘Last year, we were invited to sing inside the foyer, a magical moment for the children and myself. Little did I know then (as much as I had hoped) we’d be coming back again and again and now that it’s turned into this event is so amazing. I think music (particularly singing) is one of the best ways to communicate with each other, bond and most certainly spread happiness. It doesn’t judge, you don’t need to look a certain way, you just sing’ Miss Jess, Performing Arts Teacher, St James CE Primary

‘I have been in Miss Jess’ choir since we first ever came to sing at The Old Vic and it is something I look forward to all year round every year. Last year we sang in front of an elder community and one lady ended up singing along with us because she was so happy listening to the singing’ Jenesis, Year 6 student, St James CE Primary

‘We got involved in the 12 Choirs project after a few of our members took part last year and loved it. Accessing free opportunities like this helps reducing isolation and helps older people engage with the younger generation in a fun and relaxed way – they are really keen to learn from children and young people. Particularly when a creative element such as singing is involved it helps to create that connection between generations’ Anna, Community Leader at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre

‘Getting involved in the 12 Choirs of Christmas project was a no brainier for me! Two main reasons: I love to sing and Christmas for me is about children. How fantastic to enjoy their enthusiasm and talents in singing along with them!’ Mary, Community Member at Coin Street Neighbour Centre

As an independent charity in receipt of no regular subsidy, we have to raise £4 million a year on top of ticket sales to fund projects like 12 Choirs or Christmas. Any amount you can donate would help us keep our doors open and continue this work with our communities. Find out how you can support our work.