What's Inside – The Auditorium

Take a tour of The Old Vic and explore our new Access pages to plan your visit – here’s your guide to the auditorium at The Old Vic from Lana.

They say that first impressions are everything and it’s the whole experience of going to the theatre that means something.

For some people, it’s their first time, and as you walk through those doors, you want to feel like you’re walking in to a piece of history. To have a space where you can come in and be like, ‘Ah! This is for me, too!’ will have a lasting impact.

I don’t really feel like I fit into many of the social boxes in any way, and to feel in a space where I’m included is, just on a personal note, it’s just really enriching. It means everything to me.

This is The Old Vic auditorium. The Old Vic can offer up to 10 wheelchair spaces with step-free access available on both sides of the stalls. The nearest accessible loo is situated to the left of the stalls. In addition, there are headsets available for visually impaired patrons and special closed-captioned performances can be booked in each production run.

Find out more about touch tours and relaxed performances on The Old Vic website.

There’s always a sense of anticipation before the curtains go up. Everyone’s just chatting, speaking about what they think the show might be. You hear sweets rustling, everyone trying to get in their last drink… [LAUGHING]… before the curtain goes up. Then everything goes quiet, cos you know that it’s about to start.


And then the show begins.

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