What's Inside – The Foyer

Take a tour of The Old Vic and explore our new Access pages to plan your visit – here’s your guide to the Foyer at The Old Vic from Obed.

As a young black man living in London, I feel like it’s important for people of different diversities, culture and ethnicities to be represented in the arts or to do the arts. It shows that there is a pathway for them to get there.

There’s a quote inside the foyer, which I always look at. It says, ‘Dare, always dare’. Seeing that really ignited a fire in me, I’d say. To me, it was a message saying, ‘Never be afraid to fail, don’t let fear take over and always believe in yourself’.

The Old Vic has been such a positive influence on my life and it’s somewhere where I’ve really grown. The way they accommodate you as a person, they really go out of their way to listen to you.

This is the new inner foyer. From here, there is step-free access to both sides of the auditorium. To my right, you’ll see the Box Office, and beyond that you’ll find additional seating. Opposite me, you’ll see the wheelchair accessible lift and three steps down to the foyer, where you’ll find the cloakroom and the foyer bar.

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