Tips for getting PwC £10 Previews tickets

PwC £10 Previews tickets for 4000 Miles will go on sale on Mon 02 Mar at 12 noon. They will be on sale for performances from 06–10 Apr and will be spread across the auditorium.

Tickets will be very limited so if you’re not successful this time, find out other ways to get tickets for the show.

Please note: PwC £10 Previews tickets are only available to buy directly from The Old Vic website, by calling the Box Office on 0344 871 7628 or visiting the Box Office in person.

Tips for booking your PwC £10 Previews tickets online:

1. Check your login details ahead of the day the tickets go on sale – this will save time when you’re booking. On the day, you won’t be able to log in until you have the tickets in your basket.

2. You can buy tickets from 12 noon by clicking on one of the first five 4000 Miles performances. If you are on the performance before 12 noon, you will be entered into a virtual waiting room and you will be assigned a random number in the queue from 12 noon.

The PwC £10 Previews performances for 4000 Miles are:

Mon 06 Apr
Tue 07 Apr
Wed 08 Apr
Thu 09 Apr
Fri 10 Apr

3. Once you are in the queue your queue number won’t change, but as long as the person in the pink bar is moving, you’re on your way.

4. Don’t share your queue number with anyone else or you will be kicked out of the queue.

5. When you get to the front of the queue, you can select up to two PwC £10 Previews tickets to put in your basket. These are spread across the whole auditorium.

6. Once you have the tickets in your basket, do not go to any other page or continue shopping as you may lose your tickets. Complete the purchase first.

7. After you have booked your PwC £10 Previews ticket, you should receive an email confirmation but you won’t receive your e-ticket until one week before your booked performance.