Study at home tips – it's not all about study...


By Anne Langford 

School isn’t all about study. What are the other experiences school provides and how else can you create these things for yourself? We’ve got some suggestions below, try and add something else for each section.

Fun with, and support from, friends
  • TikTok dance challenge, Instagram photo a day challenge eg something blue today
  • Send a friend a gratitude message or letter, complimenting their strengths and telling them why you are grateful for their friendship.
Learning to work with different people and do things we aren’t excited to
  • Volunteer to help with some housework, maybe you can persuade a sibling to help
  • Ask a family member to tech you something new – a recipe, to change a plug or a skill they have.
Developing our passions – through extra-curricular activities, sports
  • Plan some time each week to practice skills – put it in your timetable
  • Look for YouTube tutorials or follow people or organisations who do the things you enjoy.
New ideas – about the world, music, fashion, sport
  • Ask friends to suggest new music they have heard, or check out a different Spotify playlist
  • Listen to or watch a TED talk about a subject you know nothing about.
The ability to make choices and decisions away from our parents – a little bit of independence
  • Spending time each day reflecting or journaling can give you the space to develop your own ideas.
  • Choose and prepare a meal for the other people in your household.
Contributing to your community 
  • Make a rainbow or window display for younger children to spot
  • Volunteer, if you can safely. Look for opportunities to help through your local council or faith group.
Exploring and reflecting on social issues
  • Read reliable news sources to find out other things that are happening in the world
  • Find out about what your local council and MP are doing, and write to them to share your opinion.
Emotional wellbeing, practicing and reflecting on faith, quiet time for meditation and reflection
  • Plan quiet time each day to describe how you are feeling, maybe with a journal or diary, and reflect on what you can do to make yourself feel better
  • Ask a friend or family member how they take care of their emotional wellbeing.