Old Vic: In Camera – Your Official Guide to Booking Tickets


If you have any further questions about how the Old Vic: In Camera performances work, please visit our FAQs page.

1. What happens when tickets go on sale?

Tickets will only be available to book directly through our website. Once tickets go on general sale, we often have to turn on a queuing system on our website. When this happens, you’ll be entered into an online virtual queue until it’s time to book your tickets. If you don’t want to queue, we suggest coming back a different day (although we do recommend booking as soon as possible for the best choice of tickets across all price bands).

There are lots of tickets available and each person will only book one ticket. The reason for the queue is because our website can only handle a limited number of bookers at one time, not due to lack of tickets.





Once tickets go on general sale:

Head to the Old Vic: In Camera – Three Kings page and pick the date you’d like to see the show (if you arrive here before 10am BST you will be held in our virtual waiting room and assigned a random place in the queue once tickets are released).

If you’d also like to book a ticket for the Old Vic: In Conversation with Dermot O’Leary and Andrew Scott, you’ll be able to add this to your order once you’ve added your Three Kings ticket to your basket and started the checkout process. You don’t need to have a ticket for Three Kings to be able to book for Old Vic: In Conversation; if you just want to book a ticket for this you can book them here as soon as tickets go on sale.

Once you’re in the queue, your queue number will stay the same but as long as the person in the pink bar is moving, you’re getting closer to booking your tickets.

If you have access requirements you will have a completely equal choice of tickets as all other bookers, and all performances are live captioned or audio described. You will have the option of turning on captioning or audio description in Zoom as needed.

When it’s your turn you’ll be able to book tickets – if you want to book for more than one performance we’d suggest completing your purchase and then re-joining the queue or coming back later in the day to book for a second date.

Once you’ve booked your ticket you’ll receive a confirmation – it’s important you check you’ve received this so we can be sure we have the correct email for you. At least 12 hours before your chosen performance you’ll then receive information on how to watch. You’ll then need to make sure you’re online in time to watch the performance live.

2. How many tickets should I book?

To make sure as many people get to experience the performances as possible, we’re only asking people to book one ticket per device, even if multiple people will be watching on the same device.

If you were anticipating having to book multiple tickets, please consider buying one of our higher price tickets to reflect this if you’re able. You’ll also have the option to donate once you’ve added your ticket to your basket and get to the next stage of the checkout process.

It’s very important to note that you won’t be able to share your performance joining details with anyone, so only people viewing on the same screen will be able to watch with you. If you’d like to book a second ticket for someone outside of your household you’ll need to start a new transaction using the email address of the person you’re booking for when you checkout, meaning that you would need to either create a new account if they aren’t already registered or log into their account if they are. The easiest way to organise a watch party with friends and family outside of your household is to encourage them to book their own ticket as soon as tickets go on sale.

3. How much are tickets?

Tickets for Old Vic: In Camera – Three Kings are £10–£40. We’re asking people to pay what they normally would for this performance at the theatre – it’s our way of replacing box office income now all our usual channels of revenue have been entirely wiped out. Everyone will get the same view regardless of which ticket they buy.

If you plan on watching on the same screen with a group please consider chipping in to buy a single higher price ticket if you’re able.

Tickets for the Old Vic: In Conversation with Dermot O’Leary and Andrew Scott are £20.

4. PwC £10 Previews

All PwC £10 Previews tickets will be available across all performances and these will be released from the general onsale and everyone will have the same opportunity to access them.



  1. If you experience an error message, please go to the show page and select your preferred date again – our queueing system will remember your place in the queue for 10 minutes
  2. Please do not use incognito mode or multiple tabs to book tickets
  3. If you’re creating a new account and are experiencing an error message, you need to enter your county. If you’re unsure of what it is you can enter your city in both the city and county boxes. You also need to select your country from the country dropdown box
  4. If you experience any other issues please try clearing your cache and refreshing