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OV Pen Pals is our intergenerational scheme connecting people aged 60+ during this time of isolation with primary school children through letters, emails and phone calls. Once matched, pen pals are set creative challenges every two weeks to complete together as they get to know each other. Read a few of our letters below and if you’re aged over 60 and interested in finding a pen pal, sign up here.



Task: Write a postcard from your favourite holiday or daytrip to your pen pal. As postcards are small, think about the really important things you want to mention.

Exchange one 

Community Member:

Nice to meet you. I hope you are enjoying the Summer holidays in these strange times. I am doing a lot of gardening, as I can’t go to the theatre, which I love. Below is my postcard. I look forward to hearing from you.

I am sending you this postcard from St Marks Square in Venice. I love London, but Venice is definitely number two. From here I can see the Basilica, Cloc Tower and The Doges Palace. What I love the most are the tiny back streets with their little bridges as this gives you a taste of how the local people live. Maybe it’s the canals leading to the numerous squares, called campi in Italian, but Venice is a very magical city.


Thank you for your email and postcard. I haven’t been to Venice so I have looked up online the places you were talking about. I think the inside of the Doge’s Palace looks very grand and intricately decorated. One day I would like to visit the city and see all the waterways for myself.

This Summer I have spent time at the beach with my family. We have been building dams, looking in rock-pools and playing with our two dogs. I have drawn a picture of the beach to show you. I have one younger brother and one twin brother, who really enjoy swimming in the sea, I thought the water was freezing.

I am looking forward to hearing from you again soon x

Exchange two


I live in London. My family consists of me, my twin brother, my younger brother, my parents and my two dogs – Dippy and Poppy. I chose both the dogs’ names.

During lockdown I have been doing quite a bit of art. I found a good online art channel ‘Art for Kids Hub’ which taught me how to draw cartoon figures, like the one I have drawn for you.

I have recently come back from a two night camping trip with my dad in Yorkshire. We ate marshmallows for breakfast and I went paddling in a stream. One day I would like to camp in the Winter or do a three night camping trip.

What have you been doing during lockdown? I hope you have been okay.

Your Pen Pal x

Commuity Member:

How nice to hear from you and get your terrific drawing, I’m afraid I can’t draw as well as you but I’ll try and send you a photo for my postcard to you.

It must be great to have a twin and another brother and what good names you have chosen for your dogs. I have a great niece, she’s only one year old and I’m very excited to be going to visit her on Sunday for lunch in her Grandma’s garden.

Your camping holiday sounds like a lot of fun, it will be cold camping in the winter, you’ll need to sit around a big campfire.

I live in a flat near London Bridge with my husband who’s a comedy actor and writer. He’s been working from home during lockdown and some days we have to turn our bedroom into a recording studio, they send us the equipment beforehand but it’s often quite tricky to put it up so that it works properly.

I used to work in the NHS and in a clinic in the West End running support groups for patients but have been retired for a few years.

We have two grown up children, two step children, seven grandchildren and one great grand daughter and I miss them a lot, though we’ve had a few picnics with some of them in the communal gardens near our flat.

I also do tai chi there every day to keep fit. I’ve done a lot of reading, cooking and watching films on tv during the lockdown.

Luckily we have been well during all this and I hope you and your family have too.

All the best

Your pen pal x


Greetings from Bracciano in Italy, I wish we were both here. We could walk around the castle and look at all the armour and then have some amazing pasta for lunch. After that we could go for a ride in a boat around the lake and go for a swim in the water when we got back. Then it would be time for an ice cream, pistachio and vanilla are my favourites. Love from Your Pen Pal


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