World Poetry Day


As part of our Get Writing poetry workshop on the Education Hub we asked you to send us your poems for World Poetry Day on Sun 21 Mar.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted a poem. We’ve chosen a small selection that are around the theme of kindness and the environment – two themes of our upcoming globally live streamed production, Dr Seuss’s The Lorax. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Terra Gaia by Anja Summermatter

What a treasure if you just open your eyes

Smiling Flowers

Flowing rivers

Telling mountains


What a privilege if you just open your ears

Humming bees

Rustling leaves

Singing wind


What a miracle if you just open your heart

Vibrating higher and higher

You can reach the sky

Touch the clouds

Warm up in the sunrays

Read in the stars

And dream with the moon


We take it all for granted

Swallowing our thankyous

Disrespecting her

Who is like a mother to us

Wanting always more

A greed that drains her


She gives us oxygen

While we cut down her lungs

She nourishes our bodies

While we dry out her veins

She lets us walk on her skin

While we poison her fields


She gives and gives and gives

Till her resources are depleted

And she fades away more and more

Crumbles under our stomping feet

She begs us to stop

Warning us time and again


The choice is ours

Do we want to tear her down?

Burn, pollute, kill

Our Mama

Or do we plant new seeds?

Let them grow, unfold, bloom

Giving back what she has given us all along


It’s our turn, now it’s in our hands…


A Recipe For Kindness by June Russell (OV Pen Pal)

As much love as you want,

It has to be lots.


A big measure of kindness,

At least seven pots!


Big cups for sharing,

Add three spoons of goodwill.


A bag full of smiles,

Forgiveness, one big pill.


A barrel of laughter,

Gratitude is a must.


Positivity and patience plus a whole load of trust.


Spread this over a lifetime

With everyone you meet.


Then your recipe for kindness is truly complete.


Branching Out by Ash Riddell (aged sixty and three quarters)

Hello tree, you’ve been there all my life

You are the first of the day’s walk.

Morning Mr. Magpie, how’s your wife?

This is lockdown action, no need to talk.


All’s been said, all’s been debated,

Squish, crunch, slip and slide.

Perhaps all we know is we are fated,

After that fall, it’s just about the pride.


That tree knows it all, sees it all,

Has wisdom to match its years

Saves us, saves our planet.

Branches unique with wonder and awe

Gives us a wave, showering its dew,

Tall and strong without any fears.


Freedom will come in better days

When less becomes the normal more.

Stand up tall, see it all,

Cascade your leaves, tell us what you know.

You know we need to know it all, no more tears,

Set us on our ways; ready, steady, go.


Kindness by Wesley

Kindness, a virtue

Not a feeling, no matter

how fuzzy it is


Not a smile and not

Euphemisms no matter

How easy or nice


It is not yellow

No matter how simply bright

Nor in a heart shape


Kindness, a heart that’s

Anatomically correct

And always beats fast


Aware of risks and

Aware of destruction that

Hangs over others


Yes, the kind ones are

Always afraid for others

Aware of dangers


Because kindness is

Not about their hearts it’s

About their brother’s


And every other’s

All they see they ache for and

They will still take more


They will care enough

To push back all that impends

On you and your friends


Acting as constant,

Brazen, and resilient

As their fears combined


Kindness is the most

Dangerous kind of virtue

But it will be mine


Kindness by Ella M

I don’t have time for all that.

Can’t impress anyone with how often

I lend my brother my coat,

Not like anyone cares if I picked up

That strangers paper.

After all, I’m going places,

The sound of boots on cement

Heel toe, heel toe, heel toe

Echoing around the street like it’s a stadium.

A concert hall. A stage.

People speak in muffled tannoy voices,

Mind the gap, have a safe journey,

No time to stop. Spilt coffee

Makes a moat for me to cross

Fallen papers turned projectiles for me to dodge.

Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.

Must be getting on.

No time for useless kindnesses,

Muttered platitudes all you’ll get,

Downcast eyes and hands firm in pockets.

The sigh of the train

Leaving the station.


(Image at the top of the page was sent by one of our OV Pen Pal school’s Canyon Creek Elementary School in Utah)

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