We invite you to align your business with any aspect of our work and we listen to your objectives in order to create bespoke partnerships that nurture our creativity whilst responding to your specific goals.


Become synonymous with The Old Vic – a beacon of British creativity and excellence – through alignment with one of our main stage productions to build brand awareness, enjoy memorable entertaining experiences, access customer and staff engagement opportunities and maximise positive PR and marketing messages.


Supporting a specific performance provides innovative entertaining experiences for your clients and customers, as well as elegant branding opportunities designed to enhanced brand awareness amongst your target groups.


We specialise in bespoke relationships and being responsive to our supporters’ needs and would welcome the opportunity to tailor a partnership opportunity specifically to your business objectives.

  • Are you looking to change people’s perceptions of your brand to become synonymous with outstanding quality, rich heritage, creative innovation in business and a bold, entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Would you like to harness the knowledge of our PR team and the scale and breadth of our audiences, from our local community to our high-level donors, to increase the visibility of your brand?
  • Would you like to use the stunning backdrop of our Grade II* listed building to treat your VIP guests to truly extraordinary and memorable entertaining or to showcase your brand?
  • Do you want to give your staff a partnership to feel proud of, to make them feel valued and to develop their skills?
  • Ever imagined what it takes to perform on The Old Vic stage? You can give your staff innovative and practical communications training in the most inspiring environment imaginable
  • Do you want to stand alongside us to enable us to take The Old Vic’s work beyond the four walls of our theatre and share the unique power of theatre with over 10,000 children, young people and members of the local community each year?

We can tailor a bespoke partnership to your specific needs to ensure it delivers superb ROI year after year.

For further information please contact us using the details below:

Olivia Highland, Co-Director of Development (maternity leave), olivia.highland@oldvictheatre.com or 020 7981 0793

Liana Telvi, Head of Corporate Development, liana.telvi@oldvictheatre.com or 020 7981 0943

Ella Langley, Corporate Development Officer, ella.langley@oldvictheatre.com or 020 7981 0974