Our established courses comprise three key modules addressing the most common business concerns and training needs. They can be delivered separately or as a complete package the stunning setting on The Old Vic stage, or in another appropriate training space, including your offices. Each module consists of a one-day workshop.

The Old Vic Corporate Training Programme

Based on our knowledge of engaging audiences through compelling performances, we have developed a corporate training programme to share with business professionals that focuses on body, voice and energy to create impact, engender confidence and inspire trust in business. Facilitated by coaches with extensive creative industry experience and business coaching expertise.


Personal presence and impact:

A practical exploration of the habits we acquire and the barriers they can create to effective communication. Increasing awareness of our personal communication style, and learning how to flex it with maximum impact in a business environment, can have a commanding effect on confidence, presentation skills and management of others.

Building influence and rapport:

In a business environment, where it is often the strength of relationships that provides competitive advantage, influencing others is a critical skill. Examining how influence works, this module offers practical and potent hints on how to build and maintain rapport quickly and effectively in a variety of situations.


There are many who want to lead but equally many more who may feel nervous or uncomfortable about taking the reins. Whether you are a born leader or need guidance, you’ll benefit from valuable learning shared by those who must lead and direct even in environments where egos are strong and voices are loud. This module is an essential look at the qualities required for a leadership role and proven techniques allowing you to lead people.

Corporate training modules cost:
£3000 + VAT when delivered at your office
£5000 + VAT when delivered at The Old Vic

Recommended as one of the most innovative corporate training programmes available in the City in the Canary Wharf Magazine.


No two businesses are the same and it may be that you need to achieve specific training objectives. Perhaps you have your own internal training and development plan or use third-party providers. Whatever the circumstance, we have solid experience of taking a consultative approach allowing us to fit around your business and create highly tailored solutions.

Previous bespoke training programmes have included bringing senior management teams from two separate organisations together into the dynamic and creative world of The Old Vic to set the tone for a merger; and nurturing emerging leaders through a bespoke programme to identify their ‘personal brand’ and authentic means of communication to confidentially and effectively express and activate their leadership journey.

We are ready to use our skills, network, talent and theatre to make a measurable difference to the development of your people.

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