Ralph Fiennes

The Master Builder

By Henrik Ibsen
New adaptation by David Hare

‘The change will come. And its not far away, I promise you that. Some figure will emerge from the dark screaming “Get out of the way”. And not far behind others will follow The young are waiting. In all their power. Knocking on the door.’

The master builder, Halvard Solness (Ralph Fiennes), has a fear of falling. A self-made man, without professional qualifications, he has achieved domination in the town, but he is increasingly frightened of being displaced by the young. A woman, Hilde Wangel (Sarah Snook), appears from the mountains, claiming to have known Solness ten years previously, and telling him of a promise he made to her when she was thirteen.

A searing and mesmeric exploration of power, control, death and life, Henrik Ibsens late masterpiece The Master Builder comes to The Old Vic in a lively new adaptation by David Hare (multi-award-winning writer and author of 32 plays for the stage including Skylight, The Absence Of War, Amys View, Pravda and Stuff Happens).

Watch our trailer: Ralph Fiennes on The Master Builder

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