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The Science of Generosity

In Association with Mishcon de Reya LLP

‘No one has ever become poor by giving’ Anne Frank

Christmas is a time for good cheer, warm wishes and generous giving. And that’s good news because, as Scrooge finds out in A Christmas Carol, giving may really be good for us — recent research has shown that altruism has a positive and measurable effect on our health.

Doing things to care for others can help us to feel less isolated, release endorphins to make us happier, reduce stress and even help us to live longer — but why?

Discover more about the science behind generosity — why our evolution might influence the way we work together and how we give on an individual and international scale.

The Panel includes Dr Oliver Scott Curry (Director of the Oxford Morals Project); Dr Nichola Raihani (Professor of Evolution and Behaviour at UCL); Giles Fraser (Guardian columnist, Church of England priest and panellist on The Moral Maze); and Dr Michael Muthukrishna (Assistant Professor of Economic Psychology at LSE, Reasearch Associate in Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University).

The panel is chaired by James Libson, Executive Partner for Mishcon de Reya.

Please note: For your comfort and security, you may be subject to additional checks on your visit to London theatres – we appreciate your patience and understanding while these are taking place.

Tickets: £6

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