Zoom Game Exchanges

For teachers and educators

If you’re a teacher, educator or facilitator join us on Zoom for our free online Game Exchanges.

This is a chance for you to try out, and discover new games, for workshops or lessons with a group of supportive peers and see if they work well online.

With the possibility of meeting up in person seeming further away let’s get together and share ideas of fun icebreakers that can be played online.

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Wed 09 Dec – The Classic Icebreaker

Facilitator session will be from 1pm–2.15pm
Teacher session will be from 6pm–7.15pm

When working with a new group the first game you play sets the tone for the rest of your time together. It is an opportunity for participants to create a great first impression and begin these new relationships in the best possible way.

What does a first game need to have?

• Something that gets everyone talking
• Something fun that injects some humour
• Something that brings out everyone’s personalities, in a non competitive way


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Please email education@oldvictheatre.com if you have any queries or would like more information.

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