Facilities for Access Visitors


Audio description improves access for visually impaired theatregoers by providing a live verbal commentary on the visual elements of a production broadcast through a headset.

There is an optional touch tour available before each in-person audio described performance. These will be in line with current Covid safety measures.

Watch one of our Audio Describers talking about our touch tours.

All of our OLD VIC: IN CAMERA live streamed productions are audio described by our in-house describers. You will have the option of turning on audio description in Zoom as needed.


Our in-person captioned performances improve performances for deaf and hard of hearing theatregoers by including units at the side of the stage which display the actors speech.

Whilst no changes are made to the performance itself, the captions may be visible. If you are booking to see the captions, the best view of the captioning units can be found in the Dress Circle, though this may vary depending on the production. Please sign up to our Access Membership and select Captioned performance mailings to be notified of any changes to the caption unit position.

All of our OLD VIC: IN CAMERA live streamed productions are live captioned. You will have the option of turning on captioning in Zoom as needed.


Relaxed Performances are specially designed for people that have an Autism Spectrum Condition, anxiety disorder, learning disability or if you would benefit from a more informal environment.

What is a relaxed performance?

  • You can make noise during the show.
  • If you sit in the Stalls, Dress Circle or Baylis Circle then you may come and go from the auditorium as you please.
  • The lights in the auditorium will be kept on so it doesn’t get too dark.
  • We also make small changes to the lights and sound so that the show is more accessible if you have sensory sensitivities. There will be some lighting effects in this production but there is no repetitive flashing in the show.
  • If you’d like a break from the show there will be several chill out areas in the foyer.
Access tickets

Our rate for Access Members is £20, a companion ticket is the same price.

Sign up to be an Access Member to book online. Let us know if you require a particular seat.

Alternatively, please contact 0344 871 7628 or email access@oldvictheatre.com. To ensure the best choice of seats, we advise you to book in advance.


To book tickets you can either book online, via our Access Membership or use Text Relay, which is a free service (you only pay for the cost of the call to the venue) on 18001 0344 871 7628 (text phone users). For further details please log onto Text Relay.

The auditorium is fitted with a Sennheiser Infrared System. Two types of hearing device are available: headsets for people who don’t use hearing aids but would like amplified sound; or neck loops for use with a hearing aid by switching it to the ‘T’ setting. If you have a digital hearing aid, please ensure that the ‘T’ setting is available. Headsets should be collected from the cloakroom in the main foyer before the performance. A returnable deposit of £5 is payable. Please inform the Box Office when booking if you’d like to make use of the system so we can advise on where best to sit.

Sennheiser Infrared headsets can be used anywhere in the auditorium.

All of our OLD VIC: IN CAMERA live streamed productions are live captioned. You will have the option of turning on captioning in Zoom as needed.



in the Penny bar and café on the basement level there are two loo blocks. A loo block of eleven cubicles only which includes one baby change and one ambulant ‘roomier’ loo; and a separate loo block of seven urinals with two cubicles, one of which is an ambulant ‘roomier’ loo. There is also a separate wheelchair accessible loo and a separate gender neutral loo with an enclosed sink.

On the Baylis Circle level on the 3rd floor there are two loo blocks. A loo block of twelve cubicles only which includes one baby change and one ambulant ‘roomier’ loo; and a separate loo block of eight urinals, with one cubicle that is also a baby change.

There is another wheelchair accessible loo within the auditorium itself available for those seeing a show.

Please choose the loo that feels most appropriate for you.


We have two entrances: one is on The Cut running directly in front of the theatre and the other is on Waterloo Road – this entrance is wheelchair accessible with lift access to the Box Office, the inner foyer and Penny bar and café on the basement level.

The Stalls is wheelchair accessible and can be entered from the inner foyer near to the Box Office.

You can now book wheelchair spaces online, login or sign up as an Access Member.


You can contact us by email access@oldvictheatre.com or call 0344 871 7628.