Dr. Seuss's

The Lorax

Adapted for the stage by David Greig

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees!

With songs and puppets and laughs aplenty, bring a friend! Bring ten! Or even twenty!

Whats the Lorax?
A show about a guy in a tree.
Sounds quite good.
Yes it is!
Ah, but is it for me?
For you?
Its for everyone!
Its a guaranteed laugh!
For all ages from six…
To sixty two and a half!
Its a fun show!
It’s witty!
It’s silly!
It’s Seussy!
Ah but will it be alright to take my friend Lucy?
Take Lucy!
Take Mo!
Take your boss!
Take a mate!
Take your gran!
Take a fish!
Take the Queen on a date!
Or if you prefer, you can go on your own.
Book one seat for you…
And one for your phone!
But whatever you do, dont miss out, youll be sick!
Starts December the 4th…
Only at The Old Vic!

Inspired by Dr. Seusss classic tale, The Lorax tells of a moustachioed and cantankerous critter whos on a mission to protect the earth from the greedy, tree-chopping, Thneed-knitting businessman known only as the Once-ler.

Adapted by David Greig and brought to the stage by acclaimed director Max Webster (James and the Giant Peach, To Kill a Mockingbird, Twelfth Night), The Lorax blends theatrical invention, puppetry, songs and zany humour in a timely and vibrant Christmas show with a message for grandparents, parents and children alike.

Watch the trailer for The Lorax and see what groups of school children thought when they saw rehearsals

Dr. Seuss Text, Characters and Images TM and 1971
Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. All rights reserved.

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