No's Knife


A selection of Samuel Beckett’s Texts For Nothing
Conceived and performed by Lisa Dwan

‘Where would I go, if I could go, who would I be, if I could be, what would I say, if I had a voice, who says this, saying it’s me?’

A lone figure. A voice searching in the dark for who it is and why it speaks. Lisa Dwan offers a searing personal and political vision of his most original work: Texts for Nothing.

Filled with piercing insight, rage, wit and humour, No’s Knife is an extraordinary journey into the heart of Beckett, unlocking his contemporary relevance to gender, identity and the human condition. It is an invitation to look at ourselves, and to ask who, or whom, am I?

The Old Vic presents the world premiere of Nos Knife. Conceived and performed by Lisa Dwan and co-directed with The Old Vics Season 2 Baylis Director Joe Murphy.

Watch our video: an interview with Lisa Dwan and Joe Murphy on No’s Knife.

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